Not all the outcomes can be imaginable yet, but that’s the magic!

After LEINN arts you can build your professional path as an entrepreneur or creative changemaker.

­As this a new emerging degree we do not have graduates yet therefore, we’d like to offer inspirational stories of Entrepreneurial Artists and Creative Changemakers that are an inspiration in this field.

LEINN is not a regular career, it is not simply a degree that qualifies you for a specialized and limited job. LEINN is the starting point of a personal process of self-knowledge, personal challenge and goal achievement. People who study at LEINN face daily their own limitations and challenges to make the best of themselves. 


Experience prove that graduates LEINNers operate as intra-entrepreneurs (developing entrepreneurial and / or innovative projects within an existing company) or as entrepreneurs, creating their own company or business according to previous experimentation they have done during the grade.


Edurne Kortabarria is a creative active young female entrepreneur.

Having worked on her own entrepreneurial projects has led her to meet and manage different movements within organizations, doing tasks such as, production, budget management and sales, design and execution of projects.
After graduating from LEINN, she studied graphic design and entered the freelance world. In this way she started working as a facilitator and graphic designer, but over time, she discovered what she is most passionate about illustration and since then, she has not stopped working in the creative industries. This last year she has been in Barcelona doing a master’s degree in creative illustration. She is the author of the comic character Mari Matraka.
Alejandro de Francisco is a designer who works with a diverse range of companies, brands and partners across multiple platforms, specialising in UX/UI, creative direction and brand identity. He is the founder of NonPlace Studio and the co-founder of the startup it’sCircular.

Sara Zozaya began with just 5 years to get into music, first with the accordion and later she began to compose her own songs that did not see the light until years later. Now music has become a way of life for her, in which she combines her most artistic side with the entrepreneurial in the projects she works on: on the one hand, Gure Bazterrak, promoter who was born in the LEINN degree, which was the beginning of everything for Sara and on the other hand, in Nerabe, her band and and finally her solo project.



MusicLAB is a music learning company established in 2015 with a clear vision, to create a revolution within the music learning system. A revolution understood as a personal transformation process that allow kids to enjoy learning music and discover the role they want for music and creativity in their life.



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